Monday, 2 July 2012

Bollywood Heroins Haircuts

The Indian heroines are always found to be hesitent, when it comes to scissors. Even as the whole feminie cine-world seems or appears to be scissors-happy or snip-friendly, the Hollywood beauties are always full of shyness, even as some of the girls have got thier hair cut to some extent, of late. still, they do not want to get it bobbed for long, and only after getting it cut, once, they grow it full or at least to midback, or hiplength, by and large. Most of them are from South, and have knee-touching tresses, which they feel proud in showing off.

Most of Indians also like them with long hairs, but there are few like ME, who are fans of short hair, BOBS, BLUNTS. Can u suggest as to which Hollywood actresses NEED to remove the locks, or should go snip-snip? Should not AISHWARYA RAI go for a short cut?

Indian women traditionally have long, waist-length hair. For many, hair is a major source of pride, often allowed to grow as long as possible and rarely cut. Since India is a very hot and humid country, braids and buns continue to be the most popular options. In recent years, celebrity-inspired haircuts have entered the mainstream and the younger generation has begun experimenting with new styles

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