Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Celebrity Hair Secrets

Ever wonder how celebrities never seem to have a bad hair day? Are they really “camera ready” from waking to sleeping? Truth is, no, they have the same hair challenges as the rest of us human’s. They just take advantage of hair tricks that are truthfully available to everyone. Their careers depend on them looking great 24/7 so they make sure to surround themselves with people and products that accomplish this goal.

First secret weapon for hair success is a great stylist. Partnering with your stylist will keep you on a manageable schedule for cuts and color that will produce predictable, consistent, amazing hair. A commitment to investing financially and time-wise to the look you want is key. No more box colors and 12 weeks between cuts. Your stylist is your best friend in assuring your color and cut always says, “I look and feel great!” Celebrities commit to keeping their hair looking “camera ready” by using professional products, recommended by an experienced stylist and keeping regular appointments for cuts and color. Your look is an investment in you. It will bring a smile to your face each time you look into the mirror. Celebrity status is within your reach.

Our final celebrity secret to reveal is colored dry shampoo. Back in a big way, stylists use this product on their celebrity clients when they are pressed for time to touch up their color or when they just want their blow out to last through their busy days. Do you love day 2 hair? Isn’t it just more manageable, less fluffy and less frizzy. Do you have fine or oily hair? Dry shampoo gives limp, fine hair a boost of volume andhelps absorb excess oil. Give colored dry shampoo a try and add it to your tools for hair success!

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