Monday, 7 May 2012

Haircuts for Long Hair

I had long hair while I was in school and college. I used to love my tresses and used to be so proud of it. Long and black tresses enhanced my beauty.
All I used to with my hair and I have seen these trends until date. My hair stylist friend feels that any hair style, be it for long or short hair should be made based on the facial shape of the person.

Layered Haircut :

layered hair cut
 My friends feel that layered hairscut can be a amazing option for long hair. She says it will look beautiful and give the hair a great look. Highlighted hair, cut in flattering layers and left free is commonly seen among the Gen-Y. Bangs are also combined with straight hair to give it a trendy look.

Blunt And Taper Cut :

blunt and taper cut
A blunt cut first and then taper it at the ends; this will allow it to fall well on the shoulders. Comb it well to get the wave effect

Braid :

indian bride hair cuts

I remember braiding my long tresses while in school and in college, might be that braiding did help in safeguarding my long tresses. Braiding is also popular as plait as India.

Bun :

bun hairstyle
The bun remains a never-fading hair style with many women in India. India’s tropical climate has contributed to the same, tying back the hair into a bun helps in holding back hair in place.

Curls :

I have seen many women with long hair have mild curls at the bottom portion of their hair. It looks really good and falls well on their back too. Not many Indian women are gifted with naturally curly hair except for a few women from certain regions. Indian women generally tend to have wavy or straight hair; they can resort to the use of artificial curlers to have the curl effect in their hair.

Let Loose :

aishwarya in loose hair
 I have just left my hair open for a long time. It would fall so cutely on my back, for women with straight long tresses, letting their hair loose would look really good and I feel it gives an elegant look for women.

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