Thursday, 3 May 2012

6 Different Haircuts For Thick Hair

Thick is not an easy thing to handle. Learn to love your thick hair and find a style that suits your features and your busy lifestyle. Thick hair can be a blessing as it can support a variety of styles. 

Short hair cut – A short hair cut that follows the hairs natural style helps in giving thick hair a great look. Short thick curly hair can be shaped around the face or cut at an angle to give it more style.

Pixie - Pixie haircuts or cropped haircuts are a great option for women who lead active lifestyles. It is a chiseled crop that shows off your thick and healthy tresses. Styling creams provide shaping control. Pixie or cropped hairstyle is one of the best hairstyle for women with small faces. Pixie or cropped hairstyles can be clipped very close to the head, thinning out the bulk of thick hair.

Mid-length bob - A chin length bob is a classic and sophisticated option for thick hair. If your face is narrow, maintain hair length until jaw line. If your face is round and soft, a shoulder-length bob look great.

Long Layers - Before you think long hair is just too weighty, consider layers. Long layers can help enhance facial features while offering the length many women crave. Layers can start at the chin to draw attention to facial features, or cascade past your shoulders for classic and sexy style.

Bangs – Bangs look nice on thick hair of medium length and short length. Bangs may not look great for thick hair of long length.

Shag haircut - Shag haircut works well for thick straight hair but not for curly hair. A well-defined, shag haircut is a great way to eliminate the extra bulk and give straight thick hair height. Shag haircut provides volume and bounce to thick hair and is ideal both for day and evening wear.

Which hairstyle do you prefer now?

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